Privacy Policy

PRIVACY POLICY - Customers  and suppliers



Casino Hotel has to process personal data.

The term “personal data” covers information relating to an identified or identifiable individual.

Casino Hotel values and respects the privacy and safety of personal information, which means that all personal data is exclusively processed in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parlement  of the Council of 27th april 2016 concerning the protection of the individual in connection with the processing of personal data and concerning the free movement of this data, better known as the General Data Protection regulation (GDPR), along with all relevant national regulations.

Our current privacy policy aims to provide transparency in giving you information about:

  1. Control of your personal data
  2. The purpose of processing your personal data
  3. The period for which personal data will be saved
  4. Your rights concerning the processing of your personal data
  5. Our obligations concerning the processing of personal data
  6. Cookies


  1. Control of your personal data

Gernic BVBA, Casino Hotel, registered as a company in Belgium with the number BE0426.026.077, and with its head office located at  Maurice Blieckstraat 6, 8670 Koksijde,is responsible for controlling the use of your personal data.

This means that Casino Hotel determines the purpose and the means of processing your personal information. Casino Hotel does this in the context of being a registered company, with which you (either directly or indirectly) maintain a contractual relationship as a business owner or as a supplier, or via the agency through which you may visit our website.


  1. The purpose of processing your personal data


 Personal data are collected for the following reasons :

      - to be able to fulfill the terms of agreements which have been made

      - to be able to comply with all applicable legislation

     - for marketing purposes (which you can at any time choose not to participate in)

     - to improve our services

     - to counter fraud

     - to effectively manage your account on our website


Personal data are :

     - personal and electronic identification data

     - financial identification data

     - recorded images


We collect personal data through :

     - agreements which you (diretly or indirectly) make with us

     - voluntary provision of data by those cocerned

     - the use of our website and social media


  1. The period for which personal data will be saved

Your personal data will be saved for as long as is necessary to achieve the purpose for which it was provided. Storage of data will be in line with legal, regulatory and internal requirements and it will only be stored for as long as is necessary to achieve the identified aim.

  1. Your rights concerning the processing of your personal data


You always have the right to hold Casino Hotel accountable for the way in which your information is processed and to view the information it has about you. You can always request Casino Hotel to rectify any incorrect personal data.

You always have the right to withdraw your consent. But this doesn’t affect the legitimacy of any processing carried out prior to this withdrawal.

You have the right to request that Casino Hotel erases personal data  for the following reasons :

     - the personal data are no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was given

     - the consent upon which the processing is based, is withdrawn

     - personal data is being unlawfully processed

     - personal data must be erased in order to comply with a legal obligation


  1. Our obligations concerning the processing of personal data


The processing of personal data will be done in a way that is lawfull, manageable and transparent for the person concerned. It will be done for clearly defined, specific, and lawful purposes. The data will be stored accurate and updated if necessary. All technical and organisational procedures will be incorporated to ensure that personal data continues to be processed in a secure and protected way.

Casino Hotel is entitled to process personal data if given your consent, if it is necessary to carry out the agreement which you have (directly or indirectly) entered into, or if the processing forms part of a legal obligation of Casino Hotel.

Your personal data can only be accessed by employees who, within the framework of their job description, require access in order to perform their duties. These employees are bound by strict, internal rules concerning the processing of personal data. When Casino Hotel calls upon external parties to assist in processing personal data, it will only select parties which offer the same degree of stringency so that the processing conforms with legal requirements and will guarantee your rights.

  1. Cookies

Casino Hotel only uses cookies for technical reasons, for which no consent is required from the user.

Cookies are only saved for as long as needed.

If you don’t want any cookies to be placed on your computer, you can adjust your browser settings accordingly.



We have tried to be transparent in communicating our current privacy policy to you, in explaining your rights and the obligation which Casino Hotel has regarding the processing of your personal data. If you need further clarification or if you wish to receive more information, we will be happy to assist.

In order to contact us you can send an e-mail to or write to us at  Casino Hotel,

Maurice Blieckstraat 6, 6870 Koksijde  f.a.o. the Privacy Manager. When you exercise your rights, you should enclose a copy of your identity card or passport, along with your letter or e-mail, so that we can verify your identity.

Should you wish to make a complaint or make a suggestion regarding the way we process your personal data, please contact us. Casino Hotel attaches a lot of importance to protecting your rights.

In addition, we want to make you aware of your right to submit a complaint to the Belgian Data Protection Agency.